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Our Services

Company Management

Represents and assists foreign investors in purchasing local companies in financial stress and actively takes part in turning the companies around and then selling the companies at a profit.

Investment Management

Investment management of companies both local and foreign, as well as private overseas client portfolios, and their assets in Israel.

Private Management

Manages overseas client’s apartments in Israel, including the leasing, financial and legal details, maintenance and more.

The way to do Business

WAVE has a formidable investor/client base, with investors, clients and contacts worldwide, as well as locally. We strive to continually expand our investor and contact base. To reach this goal, we develop and source new projects together with foreign investors and the local business market.

How we do what we do

Our real estate portfolio includes investments in more than 70 properties across the U.S.

The CIG2 matching program has contributed $40,000+ to non-profits our employees are passionate about.

More than 22,000 units exist in our multi-family residential investments, a core focus of our real estate work.

Our private equity division has driven success in acquired companies of up to 30% in year-over-year revenue growth.

CIG Expertise

Achieving maximum returns for the benefits of future generations, our ambitious team is always driving for excellence.

About Us

WAVE’s corporate philosophy is based on promoting joint ventures worldwide, company management and international promotion and marketing for the past 30 years.